Saturday, May 17, 2008

The way Spartans Did Wall Ball Subs back in the Day!!

I have two Cement Pillars 45-55 lbs, and Decided to do some Underground Stone Training with some of the Stuff I learned @ the Crossfit KB Cert. in Gulf Coast Crossfit! This is Awesome, and a keeper!! Thanks again Frank! BTW, I'm doing a Double Tiger Claw Grip, for the swings, brutal!!

On a Side note, I finally got a 500 Lbs. Tire, Here is a little Video!!

See what I mean!!! It's a Spartans Life for me! Train Hard & Smart Folks!!!

Yours in Strength & Honor!!

Pedro A. Morales


Frank said...

Pedro, you rock bro!
Hope to see you at the next seminar:
Kettlebell Training for Combat Athletes in September at our gym!

vespajitsu said...

You are are the Man!!
I'm down with a serious back injury, so no CF or KB training for a long while :(

TJByxbee said...

That was awesome-especially with the tire. I have one in my backyard, not quite as heavy, but a great whole body workout. In know most of you guys out there won't relate to this, but the guy who does my nails just sighs and shakes his head every three weeks when I tell him what we've been doing in boot camp. Kettlbells are especially interesting now that the humididity is up there outside in our field. Stay cool, Pedro.