Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Outdoor Boot Camp with Kettlbells

Working on site at a conservative country club isn't easy for a trainer like me who struggled to get an outdoor boot camp going over the past several months. For 7 months straight, it was my labor of love that I packed and unpacked in the very early mornings onto the basketball courts from my tiny car. We had a blast using 50lb gravel bags, cinder blocks, sandbags, wheelbarrows, tires,kettlebells, and body weight. It was hard work, but everyone loved it. The last certification I took at Crossfit made me a better instructor to teach systematic progressions of the kettlbells,and made me comfortable with doing the Olympic lifts. On a personal note, I am doing my own kettlbell workouts before a 4am run, bike or swim to be ready for my Ironman coming up late this summer. My times have drastically improved as well as my stamina. I hope everyone is staying healthy and is injury free.

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